Site Analytics

There are many ways to check how your site is performing against your competitors. The obvious way is that you're getting business or at least enquiries.
If you would rather have a detailed report as to how your site is performing then we suggest Google's Analytics.
Even with Google's basic reporting can inform you as to how many viewers have visited your site.
Further Reporting can pin point where in the world they are, what time of day they are visiting and even how long they are on each page, this is very useful to analyse how many visitors are just casually browsing your site and highlight the ones that seem to be reading the content.
All of our Packages come with a Google Analytics account and coding for you to keep track of this yourself, however for a small fee we will dig deeper into the reporting of Google Analytics and issue you with a straight forward simple report detailing all of our findings each month.
Google Analytics can also be amalgamated with Mail Chimp to cross reference active response to your bulk email transmissions.

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