We are a full maintenance digital presence company.
Meaning we can offer you the Full Package. Design, development, social networking, SEO, hosting what more could you need?
As our team possess many attributes between them we can even help with any in-house database/spreadsheet requirements you may have. Just mention them, we may surprise you.

Web Development

Web Design


SEO & Social Networking

Microsoft Office

Web Development can be a black art, especially when you are unsure as to what you are doing.
Site Structuring
Image Galleries
Website Maintenance
Contact Forms

A great way to keep track of your visitors views and opinions without clogging up your email inbox is to have online forms which can be tracked/responded to and in some cases used as support tickets should you require it.
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Websites are like any other part of your business, unless you maintain and update regularly it will not perform to the best of its ability.
Website construction is a very fast moving industry and you need a website design company…read on

A Forum, a Discussion Board or a Message Board whatever your preferred terminology, giving your visitors an expression outlet or the sense of involvement can be priceless.
Many Internet users would rather post on a Forum than submit a form…read on

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
So how many words are a thousand pictures worth?
One Gallery? Two? Three? However many you want that's how many we can provide, add as many images as you have…read on

As the description says.
As with all Web Developers structuring a site is the basic requirements for any true developer. We DO NOT structure our site with site structuring software, each line is written using HTML5 compliant code.
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We understand that not every site requires an on-line selling option, however many organisations selling a product or service recognise the benefits of having an on-line shop front as an always open option for their customers.
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Web Design is a little more than making a website look pretty. Design flow is an art form which encourages your visitors to look at a specific part of your site.
Project Design Procedure
Logo Design
Image Design
Design Flow
Ethical Image Manipultaions

With a little bit of jiggery pokery we can remove partial images, amalgamate images or even overlap images.
We have high ethics when it comes to editing images, including no U.F.O's or ghosts but that is the gist of our…read on

The flow of your digital masterpiece is just as important as the service or product you are advertising.
Unlike a formal letter, a website should not necessarily follow a set structure. Maybe your digital design flow should be more fluid…read on

Image design is a little different to Logo Design.
Logo design is usually more structured than image design.
Our Designers access the personality of our customer and mix this in with the professionalism and service type and add a…read on

Logo's are not just simple images to fill a gap on your site or to head your paper.
A Logo is a Branding, an image of your standards, a way to notify your customers/visitors who you are and what service…read on

For any individual who has never been part of a web development, or for any individual who wished to know what actually goes into designing a website.
We have decided to publish or procedure paper. If your developer doesn't grant…read on

Unlike most other web hosting companies we do not try to 'wow' our customers by offering them huge storage and large bandwidth at 'great prices', we offer you what you need at outstanding prices.If our Hosting packages do not suit we can tailor them to your needs.
WH Light
WH Medium
WH Large
Dedicated Server

Monthly Fee: £80.00
or Annual Fee: £800.00.
Server Space: 500GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5TB
Email Accounts: Unlimited*
Sub Domains: Unlimited*
FTP Accounts: 4
MySQL Databases: Unlimited*
Monthly Backups: Daily Backups

*Limits are only applied by the storage space on the server

Monthly Fee: £14.00
or Annual Fee: £140.00.
Server Space: 20GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 400GB
Email Accounts: Unlimited*
Sub Domains: 4
FTP Accounts: 3
MySQL Databases: 4
Monthly Backups: 4

*Limits are only applied by the storage space on the server

Monthly Fee: £8.00
or Annual Fee: £80.00.
Server Space: 2GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 100GB
Email Accounts: 12
Sub Domains: 2
FTP Accounts: 2
MySQL Databases: 2
Monthly Backups: 4

Monthly Fee: £6.00
or Annual Fee: £60.00.
Server Space: 1.5GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 40GB
Email Accounts: 6
Sub Domains: 1
FTP Accounts: 1
MySQL Databases: 1
Monthly Backups: 1

Monthly Fee: £3.00
or Annual Fee £30.00.
Server Space: 500MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10GB
Email Accounts: 2
FTP Accounts: 1
Monthly Backups: 1

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Just as the description states, it is the structuring and content of a website to a certain standard and following certain rules to obtain maximum ease of searchability by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Ask.
Social Media Construction
Site Restructuring
Site Analytics
Mailing List Maintenance
Leading Search Engine Submissions

Any web developer or designer should offer to submit your site to Google's ever increasing database of sites and more than usual they should offer this for free (we do), unfortunately most other web developers stop there.
They are obviously…read on

We all receive unwanted e-mails clogging up our Spam or Junk folders that get left unread and finally deleted.
But look at it from the senders point of view, they are trying to interact with you, ethically or unethically they…read on

There are many ways to check how your site is performing against your competitors. The obvious way is that you're getting business or at least enquiries.
If you would rather have a detailed report as to how your site is…read on

A great ploy that many SEO Companies base most of their business on is a short term high performance rank.
Most use unethical and damaging methods that do indeed increase the Google ranking of a website, however all Search Engine…read on

With over a billion users worldwide Microsoft office is an integral tool for many people and organisations. Release the power of Outlook, Excel, Access, Word and Powerpoint with our custom built templates, VBA coding and knowledge within your business or organisation.
Spread Sheet Templates

Formalising your excel spread sheet structures is just good practice, all of the information is always in the same place and formatted easily for your use.
Our extensive knowledge of Excel (and sometimes combined with VBA) can secure and…read on

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an implementation of Microsoft's event-driven programming language (ref wiki).
Simply, VBA can automate pretty much every Microsoft based process you do. Formatting an Excel spread sheet/generating reports from access or excel or even generating…read on